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Age Action Alliance

The Age Action Alliance is the network for partnership working and practical action to improve older people’s lives.

As an independent partnership of organisations, Age Action Alliance work together to take a collaborative approach to the challenges of an ageing society and promote opportunities and contribution by older people themselves.


What is the Alliance?

The Age Action Alliance is a network of organisations from civil society and the public and private sectors, working in partnership to celebrate the lives of older people and their contribution to society.  By working together, we combine our thinking, experience and diverse skills to improve the lives of older people.  We aim to focus on the most disadvantaged older people and prevent deprivation and promote wellbeing in later life.

What does the Alliance hope to achieve?

Our vision to promote collaborative working which helps improve older people’s lives and ensures that older people, today and tomorrow:

  • Are visible, valued and heard.
  • Can make informed choices about health and wellbeing.
  • Live in safe, warm homes.
  • Have a strong network of friends, family or support in our communities.
  • Are able to access information and services they need – including those on the internet.
  • Live in places where their needs are met.
How does the Alliance work?

Our work together is based on the following principles:

  • Engaging older people to find out what is important to them, then acting on it.
  • Working as partners on issues when it adds value, or when problems cannot be resolved by working in isolation.
  • Building on what already works well.
  • Supporting organisations to develop realistic and measurable goals, and showing the difference we are making to older people’s lives.