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EuroHealthNet is a not-for-profit network of regional and national agencies responsible and accountable for health promotion, public health and disease prevention in Europe.




The aim of EuroHealthNet is to improve the health of European citizens by striving for a healthier Europe with greater health equity between and within countries. They do that by supporting projects and policy development together with our members and the EU institutions; by exchanging information and by communication in and beyond our network.


EuroHealthNet has 33 member or partner agencies in 26 European countries, thereby constituting a valuable platform for information, advice, policy and advocacy on health and equity issues at EU level.  


Originating from the EU network of health promotion agencies, EuroHealthNet has prioritised promoting health equity and tackling health inequalities across all EU policies. Its team is based at Rue de la Loi 67 in central Brussels. Its work is accessible via its family of websites: