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Health Action Partnership International
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HAPI aims to provide the highest quality consultants with appropriate skills to give capacity and advice on health issues in countries across the globe.


We have an extensive network of professionals from around the globe that have experience of working at the most senior level across sectors that impact on health and health service provision.

Our team has many years of experience of matching consultants to the specific needs of countries and organisations who seek advice and capacity in developing systems and solutions to health problems.  They are able to guide you in defining the issues that you wish to address and in identifying the type of consultant that would be most appropriate to your needs.  If it is helpful, a representative, or small team may be able to visit your organisation to assist you in clarifying your needs and to develop a consultancy brief.

Consultants may be drawn from countries with similar systems and issues, or from those who can bring a different perspective to re-envisage directions and developments. An understanding of the concept of transferability of knowledge and know how between differing cultures and systems is a key factor in matching consultants to need.

Our team has extensive experience of project management, providing technical assistance and consultancy services.  We have managed projects for several national and international organisations including: WHO, World Bank, European Commission, DFID, Red Cross and the Department of Health, England. 

Areas of specialist expertise

  • Needs Assessment
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Policy Development
  • Advise on Health Legislation
  • Training and Facilitation
  • Capacity Development
  • Peer Review of Publications
  • Audit of Practice with Recommendations
  • Organisation and management development
  • Professional Support and Mentoring
  • Planning and project Management
  • Network Development
  • Developing Multi-sectoral and Cross-government Working, including Health In All Policies.
  • Developing targets, indicators and metrics.
  • Systems development and strengthening
  • Economic modelling
  • Conference and events management
  • Skills audit and development
  • Stakeholder development and management
  • Arranging study visits and exchanges


Consultancy fees

The consultancy fees will vary, and will in part depend on the experience and expertise of staff engaged in consultancy work.

Contact us

If you would like to find out more about our consultancy services, please contact us.